Kirkrod Bookkeeping & Business Services


Kelly Kirkrod-Hogg – Owner/Founder of Kirkrod Bookkeeping & Business Services and your “Great local bookkeeper”. She is a graduate of the Capilano University Business and Administrative program specializing in Accounting and Finance. She has a keen appreciation for anything active and outdoors like kayaking and cycling but believes that this is a healthy obsession.

Kelly’s objective is to ensure customers have accurate, timely and relevant information to take advantage of opportunities and make informed business decisions.


Accurate tracking for informed decisions


KBBS has been supporting the growth of small businesses for over 25 years. Turning financial data into useful information to help small business owners take advantage of opportunities and make informed business decisions at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house bookkeeper. KBBS may scale, support up and down to customize to the needs of customers. Allow yourself to truly focus on your business and have free time too! KBBS will become your trusted operational resource giving you peace of mind and time to focus on planning for the future.




To help businesses like yours thrive, grow and profit. KBBS does this by using a bookkeeping system that is more than just record keeping. It should be a system that provides insights into your business’s health. Kelly’s goal is to create and/or maintain that system to provide accurate, timely and relevant financial information to ensure that you can make informed business decisions with confidence. As a result, KBBS becomes a trusted operational resource.


  • Core Values: The core values of KBBS are those that form the foundation of the work that is performed everyday and is vital to business success.  
  • Trust: To maintain complete integrity and honesty.
  • Excellence: To continually learn and improve so that KBBS may achieve the highest standards of service.
  • Respect: To embrace each other’s differences so that KBBS may enrich the well-being of everyone.
  • Commitment: To always follow through. 
  • Communication: To communicate openly and professionally.



Kirkrod Bookkeeping has always been adaptable to our ever changing business needs and circumstances and I can confidently recommend them to anyone in need of bookkeeping services.
Mike JespersenPresidentProductive Fitness Products