Benefits of KBBS

Benefits of working with Kirkrod Bookkeeping & Business Services:

Experience: Small business doesn’t equate to a small experience bookkeeping service. You need as much experience as possible, because great bookkeeping is instrumental in growing your business and maximizing your profit. When you are looking for your solution, make sure you create a wish list of level, depth and type of experience you need. Our founder at KBBS has had 25+ year experience working with a multitude of businesses and owners, for profit and non-profit.

Education: A business degree does not qualify someone to be a great bookkeeper, but your solutions should include a level of formal business training and accounting education. Our founder at KBBS backs up her Diploma in Business Management specializing in Accounting with continuing professional development yearly and devotes time and funding to this end. Someone with formal accounting education will understand policy, procedure, strategy and ethics. The educated bookkeeper is going to want to grow with you.

Oversight: you may not have the resources, knowledge or desire to oversee and check the work or your current bookkeeping solution. A serious and potentially costly consideration is oversight. Working with KBBS provides built-in oversight and a great way to get this function for a fraction of in-house costs.

Banking Technology: Today, online banking technology is a necessity for business. Being able to access your financial data quickly and securely is crucial to running a successful business. KBBS can ensure your bookkeeping is conducted online in a safe and secure manner.
Software & Systems: KBBS can assist you in setting up systems that work for you and transferring your documents to ensure a smooth flow of information.

Accounting Policies and Procedures: You may already have P&P in place as guidelines for your staff and financial tracking system. It is extremely important that you set up these guidelines if you haven’t already. This ensures consistency and security to your financial solutions. KBBS can help with this function and make sure that the bookkeeping solution will adhere to systems.
Data entry and reporting: Bookkeeping is more than data entry and paying the bills. It is a thoughtful understanding of the business, managing input of information, cash flow and much more. KBBS can provide accurate, timely financial reports allowing you to react quickly to situations as they arise. KBBS will keep on top of the data entry and reconciling, to ensure all expenses and deductions are recorded saving possibly hundreds of dollars on your next tax filing.

Cash Flow Management: Cash flow or lack of it can make or break a business. A short-term crisis may arise such that cash is needed but a cash sacrifice can cause irreparable damage. KBBS can help you to stay in financial reality and be part of your team in understanding your cash needs.

Tax preparation & Compliance: You suddenly realize your taxes are due and call your accountant in a panic, trying to prepare a years’ worth of data quickly. KBBS will work with you throughout the year and look ahead to ensure tax deadlines are met and CRA requirements or fulfilled.


Kirkrod Bookkeeping has always been adaptable to our ever changing business needs and circumstances and I can confidently recommend them to anyone in need of bookkeeping services.
Mike JespersenPresidentProductive Fitness Products