Many businesses rely on bookkeeping and accounting services to perform financial tracking and reporting on a monthly and annual basis. Not only does this help protect businesses from any audits that could take place at a future time, it also proves to be vital to the health of an overall business. While many CEOs and owners choose to hire a bookkeeper or team internally, others consider outsourcing bookkeeping to a company focused on managing the financial standing of a business. 

Insourcing and outsourcing services of all types provides different workflows. While some businesses might prefer to have an employee sitting in an office to perform work as important as bookkeeping, there is a tremendous opportunity to experience the value of outsourcing this service to experts who are supported by a team of trained professionals in the space. 

Here are a few considerations between insourcing versus outsourcing bookkeeping and how these services can help your business 


1. Outsourcing can provide higher quality work 

When looking for an internal employee or new hire to take on the work of a bookkeeper, you must go through a series of interviews and back-ground checks to ensure you have the right candidate for you; however, outsourcing bookkeeping can help alleviate the challenge of background due diligence as this is already done for you. 

Partnering with Kirkrod Bookkeeping means working with a business who has deep experience, provides certified bookkeepers and is a member of the Institute Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. 

Outsourcing your solution, and identifying a partner who can work alongside you, is a valuable solution. 


2. The cost is often more competitive when outsourcing bookkeeping 

Instead of investing in a full time employee, your business can benefit from a team of skilled bookkeepers through an outsourced solution,

Many bookkeeping services provide a team of highly skilled staff who approaches each partnership as a team. This removes any sort of risk for downtime and speed of response, as a team provides the support you need versus one single point of failure. 

Providing a team can make the cost more affordable; instead of a full time employee, who you will need to provide vacation, benefits, training and more, your team of bookkeepers are ready to provide the service you need to protect your business. 


3. Bookkeeping will always be the priority of an outsourced resource 


With internal staff, other responsibilities can get in the way. Human resources support, data entry, and more can be pushed on the desk of a full time bookkeeper, whereas collections and financial reporting can be brushed aside.

With a team of outsourced resources working for your business, their core focus and KPIs are tied to the success of what they were ultimately hired to do – financial tracking and reporting to share in the health of your business. Outsourcing this resource can help provide you with expertise and efficiency for your company. 


4. You can get experience and guidance you need 

Consider this – some companies can offer decades of collective experience for less than the cost of a single hire. 

Working with a team, you will gain access to a plethora of insight, straight from the source Your team of bookkeepers have been working within the industry for decades (especially when working with a company like Kirkrod). 

You will have a team of bonafide professionals with small to medium business experience, who can focus on reporting and operational efficiency in catching potential errors that could impact your business down the road. 

Mistakes made in accounting practice is no small expense. Remember – the longer that these mistakes are unnoticed, the more complicated they could be to fix. 


Selecting the best solution for your business 

The right solution for your business will not only support your team, they will help your business truly thrive. Before you begin a contract with an outsourced bookkeeping company, ensure you take time to research the best solution for you.

At Kirkrod Bookkeeping, we are focused on efficiency, security and process. Our team maximizes the value of integrated solutions to provide you with the support you need to protect and scale your business. 


We will also help you work from anywhere 

Kirkrod Bookkeeping utilizes the benefits and value of cloud-based bookkeeping. Having your data in the cloud eliminates any sort of location challenges, so you can work from your office or remotely. This will help your team find a more balanced approach to work-life balance. 
If you are searching for a solution to outsourcing bookkeeping, click here to contact Kirkrod.