Why Work with KBBS

    • Deep Experience

      With over 25 years of experience supporting the growth of small businesses – tap into a wealth of systems, processes, structure and software.

    •  Bookkeeping in the Cloud
      Access your files and other information 24/7 from anywhere, while ensuring complete security and support from a Sage Business Cloud Accounting specialist.

    • Member of Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada since 2010.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Consultation. Let’s determine if there is a good fit and discuss your goals
  2. Assessment. Let’s determine your unique needs and how we can help 
  3. Solution. We will present a customized bookkeeping solution
  4. Fine Tuning. Review and refine based on your feedback
  5. Launch. Let’s get started



Q:  Will I lose control of my books if they are done by an outside service?

In reality if your books are not being done accurately, you’re not actually in control of them.  KBBS will work with you to put controls in place and stay informed.

Q: How will my data remain confidential?

KBBS provides the necessary data security using our double encrypted cloud service and backup system.  Data security is of utmost importance to our business processes. Customers can have peace of mind that their sensitive information is protected and completely confidential.  Please see the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada code of ethics & professional conduct.


Q:  We are a very small business.  Do we need an outsourced service?

No matter the size of your organization, you may benefit from outsourced financial tracking services like KBBS.  KBBS adds value by providing an “Accounting Department” to your small business that you may likely not have access to.  Being a member of the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, a national wide bookkeeping association, keeps a finger on the pulse of what’s exciting and new and provides KBBS with exceptional professional resources and development.  In addition, KBBS is a member of SAN (Sage Accountants Network for Sage support, educational resources and networking) and an associate member for the Canadian Payroll Association.

Q:  Will we need an external accountant if we hire KBBS?

It’s recommended that you retain an external accountant.  If you need a referral, KBBS can connect you with a professional.  But if you do already have an accountant, KBBS is happy to work with them and provide accurate data that they will use to help them with tax planning and preparation.

How It Works:

Q:  Do you come to my office to do the bookkeeping?

KBBS offers offsite solutions and will not typically work onsite at your office. Meetings are held in the KBBS office, but from time to time, KBBS can work to accommodate another location if needed. 

Q:  Will my vendors and customers know you are separate from my company if you need to contact them?

Vendors and customers will need to be aware that KBBS is an outsourced service. However, if it is in the best interest for your organization, dedicated email addresses can be set up and KBBS will work to provide a seamless transition as an in-house bookkeeper would provide. 

Q:  Can KBBS work directly on my desktop software remotely?

Yes, KBBS can access your desktop software remotely (once access to a dedicated computer has been provided) if we maintain direct contact and are informed of any downtime processes.

Q:  Really Paperless?  How will I get my documents to your office?

Based on your business best practices, there are several options: 

  1. Scanning – Everything can be uploaded to KBBS’ secure end to end encryption cloud service, ensuring your data is securely stored in the cloud and 100% private.
  2. Courier – a courier system can be setup for you to send originals (or copies) which will be scanned for you and stored in KBBS’ secure end to end encryption cloud-based service. 
  3. Mail – you may mail KBBS originals (or copies) which will be scanned for you and stored on KBBS’ secure end to end encryption cloud-based service.
  4. Direct – everything accounting-related can be sent to the KBBS office in which KBBS will work directly with vendors to arrange electronic delivery. 


Kirkrod Bookkeeping has always been adaptable to our ever changing business needs and circumstances and I can confidently recommend them to anyone in need of bookkeeping services.
Mike JespersenPresidentProductive Fitness Products